The Bulletin CSEPB is published by our society approximately 1-2 times a year. Its content is still developing reflecting current developments in the field and society. We consider it invaluable, for example, for archiving information about the activities organized or supported by the society, history of individual departments and laboratories, but also for commemorating life anniversaries of our long-term members. Recently, we have also been publishing short information about defended theses and dissertations in the field of EPB defended in different educational and research institutions of Czech Republic. This not only allows us to make their authors “visible”, possibly attracting attention of their tentative collaborators but actually gives us also a glimpse into the development of more contemporary scientific topics represented in our laboratories in different centers of EPB in Czech Republic and Slovakia..

Currently, we publish the Bulletin CSEPB in a paper version, although we make individual issues or their part available online in a pdf form also.The existence of many issues of different Bulletins or proceedings of other scientific societies also suggests that this is not just old-fashioned idea and a waste of money. Although the generous financial support of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Council of Scientific Societies associated with it makes it sustainable. But we hope that universities will soon find enough reasons to join in and support the activities of scientific societies financially as well.