The Czech Society of Experimental Plant Biology (CSEPB) was founded in the early 1990s. However, it was a continuation of the previous long and successful activity of the Physiological Section of the Czechoslovak Botanical Society.

Due to the amazing development of particularly molecular biological methods also in the experimental plantresearch at various levels during the last 20 years, the term “plant physiology” seemed too narrow so that today it has been replaced by the more appropriate term “experimental plant biology”. This has been a worldwide trend, which has also being applied here. The scientific disciplines represented in CSEPB are not limited to purely laboratory or theoretical ones, but we also welcome colleagues from field disciplines and applied areas.

Traditional and successful CSEPB activities include:

  • Regular Plant Biology CS Conferences, formerly “Plant Physiology Days”. In 2019, Plant Biology CS Conference was held in České Budějovice.

  • Regular Student Days of Plant Biology CS , formerly “Young Plant Biologist Days”, which have been held almost annually since 2008. In 2021, the 16th Student Days of Plant Biology CS take place.

  • Bulletin CSEPB: details at

  • The Czech Society of Experimental
    Plant Biology (CSEPB)



    CSEPB associates more than 140
    experimental plant biologists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Society is
    open to theoretical as well as applied research in the field.


    CSEPB regularly organizes or
    co-organizes plant science meetings on national and international level. The
    last international conference Plant Biology CS was held in 2019 in České
    Budějovice. The CSEPB also co-organized the Plant Biology Europe 2016 EPSO/FESPB

    Congress held in Prague under the lead
    of Jana Albrechtová and Jiří Šantrůček.


    CSEPB publishes online Newsletter with
    announcements about events to the members of CSEPB several times a year.


    CSEPB publishes 1-2 annually journal –
    the Bulletin of CSEPB and the Physiological Section of the Slovakian Botanical
    Society – serving as a platform for information, sharing experience,

    commemorating important events of CSEPB
    and community of plant scientist. In addition, proceedings of the conferences
    organized by CSEPB are published in the Bulletin CSEPB and PS SBS.


    CSEPB organizes a competition for
    young experimental plant biologists for an Award of CSEPB in the years when
    FESPB Plant Biology Europe Congress takes place and nominates its candidate in
    the competition for FESPB Awards – usually once per 2 years.


    CSEPB is a member of the Federation of
    European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB). If you become a member of CSEPB
    then you automatically become a member of FESPB.


    CSEPB regularly joined EPSO initiative
    of Fascination of Plants Day on 18th May, the lest one in 2019.


    CSEPB is a member of the Council of
    Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic supported

    by the Czech Academy of Sciences.