Methods in Plant Sciences 2023


methods in plant sciences (24.-27. 9. 2023)


Sections / confirmed speakers / available running tittles(topics) of the talks
The list of speakers will be extended for selected best abstracts

Keynote lectures:
Jenny Russinova (VIB Gent, BE) – Small-molecule dissection of steroid signalling in plants
Hirofumi Nakagami (MPI Cologne, DE) – Phosphoproteomics

Microscopy, Cell Biology
Martin Potocký (IEB AS CR, CZ) – Surveying The Landscape of Lipid-Protein Interactions in Plant Cells
Stefanie Mueller-Schuessele (TU Kaiseslautern, DE) – Visualizing subcellular redox dynamics using genetically encoded biosensors 
Karel Říha (CEITEC, CZ) – Light sheet microscopy in plant cell biology
Christine Faulkner (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK) –Intercellular connectivity in complex tissues – assaying for plasmodesmal function 
Daniel van Damme (VIB Gent, BE) – Novel tools to visualize protein-protein interactions in planta
Yvon Jaillais (ENS Lyon, FR) – Analysis of lipid localization, dynamics and function across scales
Marie Vancová (PARU BC AS CR, CZ) – 3D electron microscopy of the complex biological structures: current developments, available techniques, and future outlook
Matias Zurbriggen (HHU Düsseldorf, DE) – Optogenetics
Matyáš Fendrych (Charles University, CZ) – Live-cell imaging of root physiology
Marek Cebecauer (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry AS CR, CZ) – Cell surface nanotopography studied by super-resolution imaging
Jiří Friml (IST Austria, AT) – Cyclic nucleotides as second messengers in auxin signaling and beyond

Genomics and gene editing
Martin Mascher (IPK Gartesleben, DE) – From genebank genomics to pangenomics
Hana Šimková (Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR, CZ) – Hi-C techniques: from genome assemblies to transcription regulation
Dominik Grimm (TU Munich, DE) – Permutation-based GWAS
Jan Skalák (MUNI, CZ) – Prime editing in Arabidopsis: using natural genetic variability of cytokinin receptors as a tool for drought-resilient varieties introduction
Helena Štorchová (IEB AS CR, CZ) The assembly of plant mitogenomes from Oxford Nanopore reads
Vojtěch Hudzieczek (Institute of Biophysics AS CR, CZ) – Functional genetics in non-model plants

Ondřej Novák (Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR, CZ) – Phytohormonomics
Małgorzata Kwaśniak-Owczarek (University Wroclaw, PL) – Analysis of translation in plant mitochondria
Martin Černý (Mendel University, CZ) – Shotgun lipidomics – versatile and rapid tool for supplementing plant omics analyses
Pavel Solanský (ZMBP Tuebingen, DE) – Single-cell transriptomics in the plant research

Structural biology
Karel Berka (Palacky University, CZ) – Alphafoldology: Machine Learning Revolution in Structural Biology and How to Use It
Petra Junková (Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR) – Mass spectrometry in structural proteomics
Roman Pleskot (Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR, CZ) – Integrative structural biology – solving molecular architectures of large biomolecular assemblies
Hector Martinet-Seara Monne (IOCB AS CR, CZ) – Unlocking Nature’s Secrets: Decoding Complex Biological Systems through Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Tomáš Pluskal (IOCB AS CR, CZ) – Bioinformatic tools
Jiří Kubásek (FSci USB, CZ) – Stable isotopes in plant biology
Josef Patzák (Hop Research Institute, CZ) – Hop plant – from history through Omics to beer

“From the other worlds” and Czech infrastructure
Matouš Glanc (Czexpats in Science, CZ) – 
Uniting Czech Scientists with International Experience
Jan Petrášek (IEB AS CR, CZ) – Advanced imaging techniques – Czech Bioimaging Infrastructure
Jiří Vondrášek (IOCB AS CR, CZ) – ELIXIR
Lukáš Spíchal (CATRIN, CZ) – Phenotyping facility
Michal Cifra
(Institute of Photonics and Electronics AS CR, CZ) Academic Tasks Made Efficient: Maximizing Productivity with AI and Large Language Models
Clément Lafon Placette (Charles University, CZ) – Workshop (2-3h) about modern teaching plant biology